Eisenberg Upholstery


Eisenberg Upholstery is in West Bremerton
about a half mile North of  the old Arnold's Furniture location.

Take Kitsap way as if you where going to Arnold's Furniture

At the light (Intersection of Kitsap and Marine Dr)  go North on to Marine Dr.
Take Marine Drive for about 1/2 mile and turn right onto Rocky Point Rd.
There is a yellow convenience store at that intersection of Marine Dr and Rocky Point Rd.
Then follow Rocky Point for about 1/8 of a mile till you see a small white fire station on your right.
After the fire station turn right onto Jackson Dr, then a "quick right" onto 18th St.

Drive slow, if you go over 10 mph you might miss it. So go slow.

Once you are on 18th, my driveway is the first one on the left.

And the mail box is on the right. It is white with the numbers 3916 on it.
My home/shop is a two story tan house with a red front door and blue garage door.
The address is

3916 18th ST NW Bremerton WA 98312

Call (360) 377-4389